Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong

How can 2 words mean soo much?  1 year ago the city I will always call home was changed forever.  One of it's most cherished days of the year, a literal holiday in Boston, was desecrated.  Boston was dealt a blow that took the lives of three and affected thousands more.  While Marathon Monday always brings out the best in people, a chance to cheer on friends and family and even complete strangers who all exhibit strength and courage, last year became the most courageous marathon of them all.  Patriots' Day is a chance to remember the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, but now Patriots' Day will forever take on a much more immediate feel.  Our freedom was tested again.  Our will to move forward challenged.  But a city rose up behind the cry of 2 words...Boston Strong...that we will endure.  That we will heal.  I am proud of my city.  I am amazed by the strength of its people.  And come Monday we will run again, because that's what we do every year.

Check out a great piece E:60 did on the survivors:


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  1. love this- 'Patriots Day will forever take on a much more immediate feel' Super profound