Friday, April 11, 2014

Sleepless in the City

Sleepless on a Friday night.  Why you may ask?  Noise pollution.  No good comes from pollution.  It is threatening our very existence on this planet and right now my sanity for sleep.  How do we clean up the pollution in this city?  Do we bag it and throw it away?  What happens when the pollution is not a stray can or newspaper, but the horns from below?  The loud revelers coming home or continuing on during their drunken night of merriment.  The incessant car alarm which beeps and beeps then pauses...a peaceful respite, just long enough so that you can appreciate the silence...and then it starts again, the beep and beep.  The jackhammer in the hard pavement which drills into my head, ringing in my ears, splitting my skull in two.  They say it's the city which never sleeps and at this rate I believe it.  Who could ever sleep in this cacophony of sounds that only this city orchestra can produce.  Let me be the conductor.  The different sections of our city's instruments come to a great crescendo and then with one wave of my baton it all stops.  And I hear nothing.  I mean nothing.  Not the rev of an engine or the whine of the ambulance.  All is quiet on the eastern front and I can sleep.  I can be lost in my thoughts instead of distracted by the world around me.  Turn it off like a light switch.  It's time to go to bed.

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